Huge #NSV and #fitnessgoal broken for me tonight. I managed to increase my sustainable run interval time by a full minute AND increased my max sprint interval speed. This has never happened in the same run before. I’d like to think it had something to do with the timing of my #vevoplaylist and the fact that @pink pretty much saturated the entire list. 🤣🔥💥💦 Can you guess which song in particular got me through my record breaking interval? 😁😁. My run was about 4km so not a long distance as I’m slowly getting back into running after almost a full year of not consistently training. Just goes to show how many clicks you can put on the ol’ odometer if you just keep active throughout the day. But also keep in mind that these gadgets we wear on our wrists are about as effective at gauging our progress as scales are. For instance: this afternoon as I’m weight training and my ass feels like it’s going to fall off, my watch buzzes and the face of it is prompting me to “MOVE!”. Since it wasn’t sensing impact it figured I was sitting still. Tsk tsk. I was not. The swass stain proved it. 😉🍑 #useitorloseit #justmove #doesnthavetobeamarathon #donthavetobenchpressahouse
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March Matness día 22: hip circles I’ll be honest, my movement today didn’t take the form of Pilates. Yet, because of Pilates my movement was more connected and healthy. Today’s exercise was done a little late but I didn’t want to skip it entirely because one month isn’t enough to celebrate the work and I didn’t want to miss a day. Wishing you all healthy movement, however it looks. #mar#marchmatness #marchmatness #pilates #justbreathe #justmove
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