Again Dead And Loser Of This War I’m That You Are With Army Of Your Eyes And I’m The 😉nly ♡ne
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Whenever I close my eyes at night, alone How I wish that you could stay And there is a billion stars above, I know But you’re the one who lights my way
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The World is just L❤️ve ♡’clock My Love to you is never ending even I don’t use Instagram or Facebook But You will be in my heart forever Its called #InfinityLove #EternityAddiction ✔️ I’m loving you from 2009 but you know me from 2016 or end of 2015 🙌 So #ThankYouTeacher Oh why I’m calling you teacher cause I’ve never studied English I learned from You 😉
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Take my hand✨🌹 And run into the rain You’re all I am We’ll rise again The life we had Will never be the same We’ll leave behind Tonight we rise again!
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I Have A Therapist His Name is Armin
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don't say break of heart glass don't has the sound this sound will appear at Resurrection day
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Love you and hide it and get old. This is the philosophy of my inner love
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