In today's episide of Widow Wednesday, we'd like to introduce you to TI-94071 or better known to her friends as Little TIE. Her costume was approved March 2018, but she's been a member of the Legion since April 2017. Being only 5’2”, hence the Little TIE nickname, she says she was naturally drawn to the TIE pilot because it makes her feel empowered. Plus she thinks it's more fun with the kids when you have a bucket on and seeing little girls’ faces light up when she speaks and it’s a lady’s voice beneath it all. Keep up the great work pilot! #501st #501stLegion #JRS #BlackWidows #jrsblackwidows #tiepilot
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About to start pre-lim cutting. #starwars #jollyrogersquadron #jrsblackwidows
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