National Infertility Awareness Week in full swing! Got home to this sweet shirt in the mail from a company who has LIVED infertility and now goes out of their way to help others on the journey! . Did you know that infertility affects 1 in 8 couples? . I am 1 in 8. And I know I'm not alone. @nine16designs has a project called "Project 1in8" where they choose one lucky couple and donate a % of their proceeds to the couple's infertility journey- be it testing, treatment, medications, etc. You already know I applied! . I will be spreading the word of infertility awarnesss all week. Most of you know our story, but do you know how to talk to someone battling this invisible disease? . Do you know the right things to say? Do you know what they go through month after month? How much it costs to TRY and have a baby? The different treatment options? The success rates? . I'm an open book this week! Ask me any questions.. I want to spread the word and make this "disease" something people aren't afraid to talk about. . I am 1 in 8. But I am finding joy in my journey. And I want to help you find yours, too ❤️ . . . . . #NationalInfertilityAwarenessWeek #TTC #TTCCommunity #TTCSisters #TryingToConceive #1in8 #IAm1And8 #InfertilitySucks #FertilityJourney #InfertilityAwareness #JoyInTheJourney
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Less than a month away from turning 27 and a realization came to me the other day: It took me almost 26 years to feel comfortable in my own skin. And I mean, actually feeling comfortable looking into the mirror and not feeling sick to my stomach. . I would tear myself apart every moment I could. I was validating all the things I heard my entire life. . You’re too slow. You have love handles. Your thighs are too big. You’ll never make it. . I had gotten used to hearing negatives that I didn’t know any better. I was breaking myself down because I listened to some people’s opinions of me. . Shame on me. . We as women are taught to be resilient and to love our bodies. But how can we when we are constantly being compared to others? And one day it finally clicked. Something had to change. . And I worked at it. And I still work at it! But after a year of positive self talk and affirmations, I can turn myself around. I can tell that mean girl in the mirror to shut her mouth. . And I can feel peace. Peace because I know I work my ass off and put in the hours. Peace because every minute of my life is a blessing and it would be a waste to spend it focusing on all the negatives. ✌🏼 . . . . . . . . . #cantstopwontstop #joyinthejourney #fitteacher #iteachmiddleschool #iteachsixth #teacheronamission #healthymind #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday #positiveselftalk
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Shine bright sweet friends! Make it happen not just on Monday but everyday! Rise and Shine with joy!! I admit, it’s not always easy for me, but I try.....Even if Monday is not your most favorite day of the week, working hard, being kind and inspiring others, is always a wonderful thing to do! Every new day is a chance to shine bright. Be blessed sweet friends! #farmhouse #happymonday😊 #vintageporchlovesvintage #myseasonalfarmhouse #choppingboards #balljars #joyinthejourney #mydecorvibe #blessthisday #farmhousevintage #encouragingword #shinebrighter #mondayinspiration #spreadjoy #springday #farmhouselove #countrydecor #countryfarmhouse
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I felt like I was sinking. Seriously. Where was my life ring? I was tired. There was no time for me and I was surrounded by those who needed me to be afloat...they definitely didn’t need me sinking. I was caring for everyone around me with little energy and pretty much running on fumes. EVERY SINGLE DAY. These changes haven’t made me the perfect wife or Mom. But they certainly have helped me grow in lots of ways. I am still tired sometimes, but it’s a different tired. My body is healthier. My mind is in a better place. My nutrition is on track (most of the time!). I have learned that everything in moderation is what works best for me. I have learned I need the following things to stay afloat. 🤸‍♂️Movement 🍎Nutrition Guidance 👯‍♀️Support 📝Accountability 📖Growth in my Faith 📚Personal Development 💜Self Care 📒Having a Plan I’ve found something that helps strengthen my mind, body & spirit. Do you need to grow in any of the above ways? If you are feeling like I was three years ago, please reach out. It’s never going to be the perfect time to start. It’s never going to an easier time than it is today to get started. Each day that you wait to begin just means the farther you are getting from meeting those goals. Do you have goals you know you need to work on? My next group starts April 29th! I have 5 spots left! Drop an emoji below of one way you feel like you need to grow? Or PM me for more details. I’m on a beautiful journey of helping others and I want to help you too!
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I screamed for Ice Cream in Cedar Key and Jeff delivered. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? #icecream #joyinthejourney #mytribe #choosejoy #theelitesuite #empowersocial #intentionalliving #nontoxicnestlings #joyful #family #florida #cedarkey #travel #ipreview via
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🌿 IT TAKES A VILLAGE... 🌿 . . Ok, Lovelies....lets just say last night was a long night.... two words NIGHT TERRORS... Not me 😂 My youngest. We’ve tried lots of things. We’ve prayed and we’ve taught her to pray. We leave lights on. We’ve put her in with her sister, put her in with us. We’re careful about what she watches and reads and we try and encourage her to focus on lovely things when scary thoughts come... . . Every age and stage has their difficulties and this is the one that’s causing lack of sleep for her and us in this season. She wakes up during the night crying and inconsolable. Can you relate? . . This is why us Mums need a creative sojourn and just wait until you see what I’ve prepared for you btw! So much loveliness coming your way on 25th May 😍😍😍 but anywho back to night terrors.... . . What’s your secret? Have you tried something that’s worked? I’m reaching out and asking for your tried and tested solutions. Any thoughts? Please share them below. We’d all love to get some more sleep around here 👇🏻 🙏🏻
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Happy Earth Day! I love this photo of my dad, Jed Wilson (circa late 1960s) in the Bighorn Crags of Idaho. He truly loved this amazing earth and all nature. He never went anywhere without a pistol, a camera, and binoculars. When I see wildflowers, wildlife, beautiful scenery, or spectacular landscapes, I think of how much he appreciated such things. . . #earthday #bighorncrags #frankchurchwilderness #beautyoftheearth #andithinktomyselfwhatawonderfulworld #burymebeneathmyfamilytree #wealllivewithghosts #joyinthejourney #agooddad #jedwilsonfamily
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