📀🦖 Per la vostra gioia torno a parlarvi (oltre che di arte contemporanea) dei miei #dischi preferiti, oggi con: 📀🦖#Preoccupations, #Portishead, #MollyNilsson, #JohnMaus, #ToneLoc, #Darkside, #French79 📀🦖 Sempre dalle 18 alle 19. Sempre qui: www.radiofresh.it 🎧 📀
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Massive #JohnMaus interview in the new issue of @zweikommasieben magazine! 6 full pages in ZKS No. 17 💪
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🏳️‍🌈 @skate.moss enjoying a lovely beverage whilst sporting the (now out of stock) “Rights For Gays” t-shirt 👀 Jordan is as big, if not a bigger John Maus fanatic than I am, and regularly keeps me updated with random videos and demos that John Maus releases 💖 Without Jordan to inform me, I wouldn’t have heard half of the harder to find songs as I have 👀 Thankyou buddy 💋 #BAGHEAD3 #bagheadkills #johnmaus #rightsforgays
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