#JimmyButler Talks about Gaining #Confidence in the #NBA
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#demarderozan if he was a lefty🔥😂 - Follow @nbaopposite for more opposite content💯
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Dear #Knicks fans #JimmyButler is being cryptic
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Post #2 of the "Rating NBA Player" series! For the second one, we're doing #JamesHarden of the #HoustonRockets - Disclaimer: 7.1 May seem low for a "Superstar" but keep in mind no one is going to get anything above a 9.5, maybe. Also if a player has a higher total average then another player you believe to be better, this isn't my personal opinion although I make the ratings, it just what I feel is fair but I can't decide the results. So if KD has a higher total average then LeBron, which he most likely will bc he's a better all-around player, that doesn't mean I think KD Is better. - How It Works: I will be giving (x) player a rating 1-10 in multiple categories. At the end whatever (x) player total average is, is going to determine the kind of player he is, with my ranking system. - Ranking System: 1-3 Bench Warmer 3.1-5 Starter 5.1-7 All-Star 7.1-10 Superstar - According to my Ranking System, James Harden is a (Superstar) Player Thoughts? Agree or Disagree? Who Should I Do Next? - Follow @Balleclipse For More!
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NBA Basketball is finally back! With the Houston Rockets facing off against the Los Angeles Lakers. Chris Paul, the GOAT, is gonna expose Ingram and Rondo tonight. Drop predictions below.
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With basketball season getting into the playoff season at the middle and high school level and offseason on the horizon, what better time to hone your shooting ability? With a 20% discount, cop the Swingman Shooting Program today. This is the premier shooting workout full of dozens of shooting drills and tips which focus on 2 key components. 1. Improving Range 2. Improving accuracy from deep It’s time to evolve and it’s time to get better. Having the ability to consistently knock down shots from deep will generate both team and individual success. Use the link in my bio and the code “2019” for the sale! More news coming soon👀
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Throwback to when JB blocked Harden with 👀
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