Actual picture of me to my computer today after I posted this weeks blog. I read a blog post that started a little fire in me so I did some research about Feminism and the Bible. Go give it a read and then take a breath and write your own response to my response if you want. Okay love you and link in bio. . . . . #biblebloggers #jesuswasafeminist #loveme #myunicornlife #findyourstrong #sweatpink #staypositive #powerofshe #healthymindset #manifestyourdreams #youaremagic #youarepowerful #streetsofnewyork #thisisnewyorkcity #ilovenewyork #positiveenergy #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary #briannalynnmelroy #iginfluencersunite #briannatakesnyc #nycbloggers #dancers #highvibration #loveandlight #thecolorfactory #ontheblog #broadwaybaby #lovelysquares #contentcreators
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Updated: Today is international women’s day. Some may not care or understand what this means, but the group it represents is perhaps the worlds most untapped resource! • After the US colony successfully succeeded from the mother land, a French Magistrate was sent to the States to evaluate our progress and success. After 4 years of digging into all spheres of our society, especially including higher government, he reported that the chief cause to the extraordinary prosperity and growing power of our nation was due to the superiority of our women! • When women are treated (socially, in the workplace, sexually, etc.) with true equality (Biblically considered being: equal image bearers of God with men; and, created with equal “materials” as men) they transform the world around us. Science and research have both proven women’s stewardship over any matter is almost always more effective than men. Many Christians often have a patriarchal perspective of scripture, believing it is the “Biblical perspective,” when really it was just the societal/ practice of these ancient cultures. God of the Old Testament and especially in Jesus, modeled the opposite and even opposed that patriarchal system. • Empowered people can’t help but improve all things around them. This is represented by my friend @clelie_cyrius . She has been empowered by God, her family, and her community. In return, everything she does echoes the depth of her character, work ethic, and gentle heart of discipleship. • And, @stepharoo495, my true hero. She is a champion for justice, and not in a self-serving way but in a truly sacrificial way. She has brought me out of my shell and made me ten times the man I was before. That’s actually what happens to all around her, they are transformed by being around her because of her immense depth, her drive, her beautiful heart, and really just by how much she legitimately cares for you. • Steph, Clelie, and all my other women, happy International Women’s Day!
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womxn should have agency over their bodies . womxn should be treated with respect (regardless of what they're wearing or if they're related to you) . womxn should be paid equitably . Black womxn should be listened to, believed, supported, loved . if these are "dangerous" ideas than I guess I'm a "dangerous" womxn . "I am passionate about everything in my life--first and foremost, passionate about ideas. And that's a dangerous person to be in this society, not just because I'm a woman, but because it's such a fundamentally anti-intellectual, anti-critical thinking society." - bell hooks . 📸: @joshtryon . #fbf #305day #dangerouswoman #internationalwomensday #Jesuswasafeminist #bellhooks
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Wishing all the women of the world a Happy International Women's day!! This is a day to celebrate all the beautiful differences between us. A day to unite together and love one another deeply. I am so blessed in my job to reach out to women from Thailand, Uzbekistan, Africa, columbia and many other countries. With that brings stories of pain, trauma and tears but along side that I get an insight into beauty, culture and strength. Today I want to celebrate that and acknowledge the precious women in my life. I am so thankful for the women God has placed in my life. I am surrounded by women that lift weights, women that teach, women that lead, women who sell their bodies, women that have been abused and had so much taken from them. Such different stories but so much love and beauty that constantly blow my mind. Let's celebrate and lift each other up and never forget to bless those around you. #internationalwomensday #blessed #feminist #jesuswasafeminist #love #strength #warriors #outreach #friendship #leadership #bravery #antisextrafficking #female #♀️ #athlete #crossfit #passion #movement #culture #unite #proverbs31woman #celebrate #justice
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C O L L E G E! Today our church interviewed a ton of amazing humans called to ministry during #careerweek and it was so much fun!! @sara_ulloa used to be a kid in my youth group, now she’s a kids pastor studying at @SEU niversity I love how she’s walking around with a wild willingness to do whatever it takes to communicate value to the little humans she meets. So cool! And @gabisalgado was there too! Jesus straight up moved a mountain for her to be here in Florida with us. I feel so lucky to know them and get to see their stories unfold. Thanks @seucompass for this chance to get to know the incoming crew. ➕#jesuswasafeminist
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