Happy Memorial Day Weekend from My Bears
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Trusting Him, for He is good! He is for us, not against us. No matter what the circumstances...know that He is GOOD!!
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Regrann from @on_the_run_7977 - POISONED RELIGION IS NOT CONCERNED WITH THE TRUTH ____________________________________ The Sadducees were largely from the aristocracy and usually the High or chief Priests were their ranks. These are the people that became wealthy selling the sacrificial animals and from money changing. They claimed to believe the Bible, but their materialistic bent so distorted its meaning that no significant meaning was left. They denied the existence of angels, the resurrection of the dead, and anything else supernatural. ____________________________________ Many of the Pharisees held to the Bible as being God’s Word; Their main problem with the Scriptures is that they raised their traditions to be superior to the Bible. ____________________________________ The Pharisees wanted Jesus dead because Jesus did not follow their traditions and was becoming a threat to their power over the people. Neither group was concerned about the truth. The Sadducees were already known to be pragmatists willing to compromise on almost anything if it would get them what they wanted. The Pharisees were really no different. They held the traditions of men over the truth of God’s revelations. We have already examined many passages in which Jesus had pointed out to them how far they had strayed from the Mosaic Law. ____________________________________ They wanted to give Jesus a challenge they thought He would fail. They were so centered in on themselves that they failed to observe what Jesus had already done. They asked him to do something he already fulfilled. (CONTINUED..) // #pinealgland #vril #yhwh #pizzagate #haarp #kjv #jesussaves #christjesus #martiallaw #holyspirit #new#newworldorder #spiritualgrowth #spiritualwarfare #mkultra #markofthebeast #chakras #sheeple #holiness #bornagain #newworldorder #yeshua #biblicaltruth #jesuschrist #fluoride #rapture #shaman #popefrancis
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My SherBears ❤🐶❤🐶❤💋
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Repost @eternity_in_christ - This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. I Timothy 1:15 #keepplantingseeds #sinnersavedbygrace #saints #amazinggrace #john316 #thegreatcommission #thegreatexchange #regeneration #conversion #sanctification #jesussaves 🖤
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It’s so easy to live in the past and lose sight of what God is doing at this very moment. Let go of what is in the past, present your worries to God, and look to the future that He holds in his hands! If you haven’t checked out the awesome new blog I posted about, go check out the link in the bio and click Becoming Unburdened: Allowing God to Take Control
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