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BUDGETS . It’s a love hate relationship for me. I love being able to sort out things and organize and all that jazz, but when you feel like you have a limited resources it makes it a little bit more stressful. Who’s with me!? . I haven’t gone through Financial Peace University, but I definitely know enough about Dave Ramsey‘s envelope system to know that it works! And it’s time that this family starts budgeting in a way that works. In a way that’s easy, not stressful, and just makes sense for everyone. I want us all to be able to be on the same page without worrying if we can spend any money for lunch or if I can go get that haircut or much needed pair of jeans. . I’m curious to know what resources you use to budget well. Drop me a comment below... I need all the budgeting help you can get me!
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Escuela bíblica infantil
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