shyenne... where do i even begin in our little story... we became friends about 5 years ago, i can’t remember how we became friends, but i’m glad we did. we have been through so much these passed 5 years & i honestly can’t even thank you for how much you helped me through my rocky relationship & so much more. we may have our little ups and downs but we all manage to work it out & stay friends. I can’t wait for the day we actually meet, this picture is the most accurate picture of us meeting, always know you may be a pain in my ass, i’ll always love you & even more than christian ( his love will never compare to our love). if we do have to start paying for this stupid app (even though we shouldn’t be paying for it, instagram should be paying us) i’m going to miss our live streams every night & playing guess the wrestler theme song & watching funny videos & trying not to piss ourselves laughing (even though we still got skype) but it won’t be the same, me pissing myself when you try to make fun of the random people username that come on. I love you so much shyenne, thank you for making these passed 5 years a wonderful place to be on instagram. ❤️ stay strong & if we do get kicked out of insta i’m always a text or skype call away if you ever need me. i love you 💜 #jennachappell #kimmy
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