If you could make an income from those selfie’s🤳🏼 you take…would you? .
5 years ago if you would have told me TODAY that i would have been BEST friends with any of these ladies, standing on a cruise ship on a trip that was rewarded to us for taking selfies and sharing here on the gram…
id likely tell you that you had LOST your ish. #craycray 
I craved more from my work. 
i needed a change within me. 
All i wanted was to lose the post athlete days weight i had put on
Joining a tribe of women who empowered me to BE my own light and make a change for myself and my family WASNT what i was looking for…

But now that I have found it…i wouldn’t give it up for the world. If i had decided to GIVE in to my insecure thoughts of WHAT would people think…i may have still been so stuck. I mean…We get to work on our health, help others get started on theirs, mentor other women to build a biz and earn an income. .
And NOW…I’m ready to take things to the next level , I’m ready for high frequency..because gosh darn it.. isn’t that what we’re on this earth to do? Be the amazing super hero’s we are and believe we can do whatever the hell it is that we believe we can do? .
These women… A photographer, A retired Stylist to the stars 😉 , an ER Nurse, a Clinical Unit Asst., Insurance Sales Director, a Landscape Designer/Bookkeeper, RN and a Web Developer. They believe… and are doing it! . If your ready to focus on creating more for yourself and your fam, if your ready to get out of victim mode and choose freedom and happiness, I’m ready to run - REAL fast..to that life that is possible but can only start with one choice. 
Your choice to change. 
SISTER…Let’s chat.. .Wanna be the goose to my maverick?? #letsride
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From @pink._.jeep.lady - Thanks for tagging me! --------- Who needs a gym when you can lift/carry your Jeep parts 🤪💁 . . ‼️@walletbuckle 💯 🆓 Shipping 📦📤💌 w/CODE: TIMMERYLEE . @rockstar_jku --------- ❌ Don't send me your pics ✔️ Just tag me on your posts (must have both you and your Jeep) 🔜 I will review and feature it 🙏 --------- #jeepgirl #jeepindogs #jeeping #jeepgirllife #jeepgirls #jeepgirlslife #jeeparmy #jeepwranglerunlimited #jeepflo
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#transformationtime . You can’t drive across the country on an empty tank people, or with crappy gas ⛽️, or with a broken down engine. ✌🏻💕 . SHOW some love for my friend Nicole. SHE was tired of feeling tired. Tired of her love/hate relationship with food. Day 1 vs. Day 14 and she's got One more week to go in her program and I CANT wait to see what happens next!! . 3 weeks, QUICK 30 min workouts, SOOO super simple nutrition that helps with portion struggles + Sugar Addiction. And there you have it. it is JUST that simple. . I have 🤸‍♀️5️⃣FIVE5️⃣🤸‍♀️ spots left for any ladies who are serious and ready to commit to their health, fitness, and mindset this MONTH. . You don’t have to do this program - there are tons we can pick from and we can chat about what will work best for you! . I’ll give you sample meal plans, I’ll walk you through the nutrition plan step-by-step, and I’ll welcome you into our community of incredible women to hold you accountable on those days you really want to throw the towel in and to cheer you on when you’re celebrating victories along the way! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ . Drop a comment below 👇👇or apply to the link in my bio and I’ll reach out with more info!
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I went offroading the other day and disconnected a linkage. My car got stuck in 4 wheel drive so the wheels started locking up and doing the death wobble again when I made turns😩 Got the linkage back together but only a temporary fix for now. I still have to replace some parts so until than no offroading😭 • • • • #jeepwrangler#jeeptjs#crawlher#jeepher#jeepgirls#instajeep#jeeplove#wrangler#girlswhojeep#offroadlife#justjeepgirls#jeeplifestyle#pinkjeep#jeepbuild#monstaliner#jeepsofsocal#badassjeep#backroadsnbabes#clutch#burntclutch#clutchreplacement#transmission#stickshift#4cylinder#manualjeep#blackandpink#allgirls4x4club#jeepgirllife#missmanual
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