{Today in Brazil is fan day, our day. And I made this little text and simple video to show some of my love for Julian. Please tag him 🙏🏻} If I had a single word to define my love for you, that word would surely be courage. Because I have the courage to love you and make my dream come true. It's sad to see how far you get away from me, for being in the way of idol, and I a fan. But in my dreams we are so close as best friends who do not live without each other. It's as if every new picture of you, a different feeling came up in my left breast, imagine like fires in the new year, that's how my heart gets with every photo, news, or work of yours. I am sure that another thing that defines what I feel for you is fidelity, because I am, yes, faithful to all my feeling and my love for you. I am happy to be your fan, and I am very proud of you, because since I "met" you, you were still as young as a baby. Just 16 years old, and today I meet 24. I'm just proud of you, shame? Never! Watching you on TV is good, watching your interview and hearing your voice whispering in my ear even though it's on my headphones is like a trip in paradise, your voice sweet and calm, it's like a chamomile tea. I could never have the opportunity to see you extremely close but I know that someday I will, because that's what you teach us ... You teach us to be strong and fight for our dreams, and my dream is someday to have you in my arms , can say "Finally" and hold you strong. @draxlerofficial
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😍😭😭💗Omg es ist einfach Hummels 😍😭kann es nicht fassen 🌄Spring2018 #miasanmia#fcbayern#vs#rbleipzig#matshummels#jdx#kimmich#lewandowski#rafinha @aussenrist15 @fcbayern
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Victory💥 Nice 1 - 2 PSG Julian played from the beginning and was replaced by Lo Celso in the 76th minute.
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you’re the best. you’re champion. you’re my inspiration in life. you’re my hero. you’re JULIAN DRAXLER. 👏🏻🔥🏆
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Gib' niemals auf an deine Träume zu glauben! - Freitag, am 23.3 werde ich in Düsseldorf, beim Spiel Deutschland gegen Spanien sein. 🇩🇪 Endlich habe ich die Chance Julian nach Jahren zu sehen. Zweimal ergab sich die Chance schonmal, doch auch nur in der Veltins Arena. Ich werde alles geben, Deutschland die Daumen drücken & auf einen Sieg hoffen!😊 Ich glaube viel muss ich nicht mehr schreiben, wie man sieht probiere ich es mit einem Plakat Julians Trikot zu bekommen. 🖐 Ich war lange am überlegen ob ich es jemals machen soll, doch oft werde ich die Chance nicht mehr bekommen ihn zu sehen, von daher why not?🙃 Wie sehr ich es hoffe & möchte muss ich glaube ich nicht schreiben, das würde zu lang werden. 😅🤔 Trotzdem Danke für alles & wolln wa mal hoffen das es klappt!❣ - 'Can i have your Jersey please?' - 23.3.18 - JUST A DREAM 🙇 - @draxlerofficial
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Never give up @draxlerofficial 🔥
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