Hate it when this little guy is poorly. Look at those freckles on his nose tho 😍 my beautiful little boy ❤️ #ivfsuccess #ourmiracle #toddlersofinstagram #lazyweekend
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“Ok I’m done, are you done?”
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Basically the same as the ER visit. Gestational sac, but no yolk sac or fetal pole. So, I have to go back in a week. It seems like this is going to result in a #blightedovum / #anembryonicpregnancy but I have to play the waiting game. That's the cruelest part. All the ER and health clinic folks were saying "it's too early" or "maybe your dates are wrong", but we're talking IVF. We know our damn dates. Just like I could rattle my beta numbers off. We know things. We have to. There's a small part of me trying to keep faith. I'm clinging to it, while also trying to be realistic. . . . #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #ivf #ivfcommunity #ivfsisters #ivfjourney #fertility #infertility #gettingpregnant #makingbabies #maybebaby2018 #FET #FET1 #ivfsuccess #fetsuccess #pregnant #pregnancy #waitinggame
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Idag är det de ofrivilligt barnlösas dag. Och jag har tillbringat min dag i Malmö på en fertilitetsklinik och träffat människor som arbetar med att hjälpa par att få barn, som läkare och sköterskor. Mött folk som har kämpat för att få barn och träffat de som ännu längtar. Min syrra som var med har blivit påläst i ämnet och har både skrattat och gråtit. Tack alla för en fantastisk dag! Nu sitter jag på tåget på väg hem. Jag ska krama mina barn extra idag. För att jag får vara deras mamma. För att det är ett mirakel att de faktiskt kom. #livio #viviomalmö #barnlösasdag #barnlängtan #ivf #ivfsuccess #känslostorm
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She loves to sleep with that tongue out! And she is getting SO big!!!!! My heart just feels like it’s going to burst, I love her so very much! #abigailrae #parentingafterloss #stopgrowingplease #reeceandaddison #love #ivfsuccess #ivfbaby #babygirl
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I don’t think we’ve said this enough, but we love our patients! "Best Team Ever. 📷♥️ Forever Grateful.” #ivf#ivfess #ivfbaby #ivf #babydust #REACHbaby #TTCsuccess #TTCcommunity #IVFBabies
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Here’s the problem with this baby: she just loves being held. The other problem is, I love holding her. But someday she’s going to want to go to college, and I’m not sure moms are allowed to live in the dorms to snuggle their kids.... #morningweeze #newborn #ivfsuccess #snugglebaby
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Whether you’ve been trying to get pregnant or 3 months, 3 years or longer, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question before. . Short answer? . Nothing . Long and convoluted answer? . We are actually asking completely the wrong question. . You do the best you can with what you’ve got. . That’s the truth. Each and every day you make hundreds and thousands of micro decisions about how you live your life. . What you wear What you eat How you move your body What you think What you say . Every single second you are, consciously or unconsciously, making a decision about how deeply you breath, when to take a sip of water, whether to focus on work or daydream about your summer holiday. Each action or thought may seem insignificant in itself but when you add them all up together, it makes your life. . You are doing nothing wrong. You are doing the best you can with the knowledge you have about how your body works and what your supposed to do to get pregnant. . When you know better, you do better . Say for example you figure out that every time you eat a sandwich your stomach balloons up to the size of a basketball. Once you’ve figured out the link that sandwich (probably gluten!) = bloating, you’ll take that information into consideration every time you are offered gluten. . You might not always say no, because after all sometimes the emotional benefit of eating a piece of your nan’s famous chocolate cake is higher than the bloating which you know will follow. . But the whole point is that you get to choose. You can make an informed choice with the knowledge of the risks and the benefits of eating the chocolate cake. So what is the right question? . If you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got, the question then becomes how can I learn more? . And I don’t mean going back to school to train as a gynaecologist. We are all different. We have different bodies, different environments, different nutritional needs….. there are a million variables so the only thing you need to do is to learn more about your body. . How do different foods affect you? How can you make moving your body fun? What lifts your mood? . [Read rest on blog - link in bio]
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