Keep in’ it moving!!! #itshardbutiloveit
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MONDAY NIGHT ✨ Work#workingnight#itshardbutiloveit#mylife#mynewlife#archi#architecture#design#homedecor#homedesign#myoffice#myplace
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Keep paddle! The wave is getting closer! 🌊🌞 #surf #tanned #paddlelikenotomorrow #itshardbutiloveit #justmytype
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BFFs | 🙌🏻❤️ If I ever have a moment where I doubt my decision to have 2 children so close in age (usually when they both need nappy changes whilst throwing a tantrum over the dinner they won’t eat because they want the same toy to watch them doing ‘good eating’ and clinging onto to my legs telling me to command the the other one to share, all at the same time), please remind me to look at this photo. . Growing up with a best friend a door away from your bedroom is such a privilege. I was one of the lucky ones to have @ylle as my best friend growing up. Mind you, we weren’t always the besties - mainly because I was such a moody teenager that I thought sisters were so uncool! 😂 . So I can only hope these two will go on to rely on each other for everything and anything that life throws at them. If they make it through the teens, they will be inseparable! . #siblingsandbestfriends #21monthsapart #growingupwithsiblings #itshardbutiloveit
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Mother’s Day was wonderful but there were moments when it got real ugly real fast. My hangery kids at church with the attitude problem or couldn’t sit still almost made Momma lose her religion on them😡 I grabbed this from my purse. The goal was to get it on Easton but I ended up putting it on me instead. The anger and frustration and the desire to scream at them slowly turned to “I will allow you to live another day.” Motherhood is messy, hard, and I am FAR from perfect. I am thankful I was able to let it go and not ruin my whole day. Wish I had remembered to grab it during their bath time 😖 LOL #mothersday #emotionalsupport #anger #frustration #mommytimeout #release #essentialoils #youngliving #itshardbutiloveit
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I’m thinking about #parenting and #motherhood here. If I’m honest.. it’s just hard sometimes! 🤣 you know exactly what I’m talking about , don’t you?! I have three little ones, and this stage of mothering and parenting just isn’t easy, but honestly, I’m not sure if it will ever be “easy.” We we learn and we grow, and along the way and we become a little bit better at this thing called “mommy-ing.” #momofthree #momlife #itshardbutiloveit
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Obecala sam sebi da necu nista izbaciti dok na uniformi ne bude pisalo KBC “Dragisa Misovic” ili nesto na nekom tamo jeziku🤷‍♀️ Ali, pravila su tu da se krse😁😍 #havegoodday #goodmorning #itshardbutiloveit #nurselife💊💉
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