🕊️🕊️ "Мы обычно ценим то, что пришло издалека, и редко обращаем внимание на красоту вокруг нас." (с) Алеф 🕊️🕊️ #красотавокругнас #доброеутро #состояние #яжелаювсемсчастья #zht_style #lifestyle #coffee #itsamazingtobeme #beutiful #summertime #mood #drunkinlove #inspiration #flowers #любовь #bird
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✨интуиция✨ А вы доверяете своей интуиции? Моя всегда приводит в нужное место и нужное время 🙏 Моё доверие к ней безгранично 🌟 #лето #кофе #primetimecoffee #zht_style #благодарюбогазавсе #itsamazingtobeme #summer #mood #lifestyle #inspiration #сделанаслюбовьюмамойипапой
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Gratitude. ___ • As I took my journal today,I immediately felt the need to express my gratitude and my hand started writing one thing after another. It was so liberating. I couldn't stop because it felt so RIGHT. I even started sending people messages just to express my gratitude for being in my life. I was getting insights of who I should write to & it always drew a smile on my face afterwards. Waking up was a blessing, spending time with my family got me thinking of their still beating hearts, using my body to move,talking with my favourite persons who are far away from me physically, was heart touching... What an inspirational morning🙏 - _____ • It's not always like that.Sometimes I intentionally start saying(until it flows)why I am grateful for (no day can pass without me being grateful and express it),but today I have been going with the flow. I am so grateful that I am actually typing this and I have to share something so beautiful and help others feel the same while reading it💛 - Literally,it is an endless list of the things that I am grateful for and when I am THIS grateful I become even more grateful for the things that I am grateful for.😱😄 Sandra's thing 😂 - And now just look around you.So MUCH is happening and you are part of that.You see it,you feel it,you touch it, you taste it,you love it,you play with it,you are IT.Life is about the moment. The now. Right there where you are, it's happening even if you want to miss it. - •Loooook with your soul OPEN.💫Do you feel it? 😱It's there! Inside of you and waiting for you to say YES.Don't wait to be grateful.Don't wait for anything. Take a moment and stop.!!! Really STOP.Look around CAREFULLY and start again BUT more aware and conscious of every little thing inside and out. 🙏 ______ • How can I forget about all of this and take it for granted?Even me being able to type and feel while I am doing it is a miracle that I cannot forget.I wish that you all take 1 minute of your precious time and list as many things as possible and allow yourselves to experience the feeling afterwards. ___ Still wondering why you should have a grateful heart? 👉SIMPLY because you just took a breath. 💛
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When you just stand still among the chaos and whatever is going on your environment . Sometimes you just have to stop n keep it easy . Your day need not be complicated . Slow down n go with the flow really helps . At the end of the day you make your life at peace and have a good rest . #museumofcontemporaryart #itsamazingtobeme #lifeisgood #takeabreatherfromlife #gotoamuseum #itreallyrelaxesme #takeapic #takeabreak #solotravel #takeapicture
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The Justice League confronting Darkseid 👊🏻 - Forecast for the Justice League 2 movie?🤔 I took this pic yesterday in the japanese garden in Düsseldorf. I had a lovely day with @suiclown @acreepyclown @rawrmaddy and @eklepek_ We enjoyed the sun☀️ and ate the best cake🍰 from @rawrmaddy😋 How was your weekend?😃 #darkseid #justiceleague #batman #wonderwoman #superman #dccomics #dcuniverse #dceu #düsseldorf #japanischergarten #spring #sun #enjoyingthesun #itsamazingtobeme #pervertsmile
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