When #itakesavillage to help you look presentable! #suchadork 😜 Would be lost without my #dreamteam: ❤️ Krysh @ @lashenvymelbourne_ascotvale ❤️ Helen my @browdoctors whisperer ❤️ ROSKO keeping my hair legit @rosslemon_telleish_hair_studio
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Getting things together for the safe house .Watch GOD work this is going to be something special .Appericate the donation.#itakesavillage #eachoneteachone Brandnew.
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@asenseofhomeorg is honored to be nominated for the DVF People's Voice Award . ASOH has a 1 in 4 shot at a $50k grant. You can vote here http://bit.ly/2FmIPlz . Recipients pay-it-forward to support their peers who have achieved an exciting & important milestone. Tell us how you #payitforward . #asoh thanks the #community because #itakesavillage for #agedout #fosteryouth to achieve #heartscreatehomes
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Invest in the youth don't believe the hype the good outweighs the bad. #itakesavillage #eachoneteachone Brandnew
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The Primitive Recharge team is always here!!! We realize there is a real need, so we are here!! We don't judge, we support. We don't hold records, we release!! Contact us at 757.268.7506 all calls are confidential!
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It is my duty to give them knowledge of self.#itakesavillage #eachoneteachone Brandnew
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We woke up to a bunch of amazon boxes! The ferals were like “is dis for us?!😻” and I was like yes it is! Thank you to all the lovely friends of ours that sent us supplies! I’m glad I can still continue to support these outdoor guys while I’m dealing with medical issues for my senior cats. #itakesavillage #blessed #cats #catsofinstagram #communitycats #communitycatcaretaker #compassion
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Good morning you think the kids don't be ready to hit the road with Brandnew. Just trying to escape the city for the day and learn some history. #itakesavillage #eachoneteachone Brandnew
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