Now we add another chapter in this crazy beautiful life experience of Alex: June 2nd, 2018. My parent's 45th anniversary. I have plans of leaving La Crosse by 9, visit friends in Madison at 11, get to Brookfield after 2. Spoiler alert: none of these times are met. So it goes... I wake up, frazzled. Friday saw an early morning, a late night, and I'm trying to gather my things. However, it's just the 2nd morning in my new home, my cat is confused, and all of my things are packed yet unpacked, and everywhere I don't need them to be. In the midst of loading my car, I convince myself my cat got out and is loose on the new neighborhood. I spend mayhaps 30 minutes yelling "Cado!" up and down the alley, under my neighbors porch, in partially open garages, until I find him... back inside, in my bathroom. So it goes. I get on my way and stop to switch vehicles with a beloved friend; I am borrowing a truck for this trip so I can bring back a mattress. I finally leave La Crosse around 10. I stop at a gas station in Camp Douglas for an organic Rockstar (yes, they exist, high in sugar, but it exists) and a veggie sub. I typically eat on the road, but this time, I decide to be present with my food; I want to bless it, enjoy the variety of tastes, and embrace my nourishment. So I sit down and eat. After, I contemplate filling up the gas tank, but nah, I can make it back. So it goes. Because of my earlier delays, the Madison homie hang-outs are rainchecked. I instead stop at the Willy St Co-Op because they have the best vegan bakery I know of. Hold on, this unusual truck is too big to park in the lot here! I find a spot around the block, adjacent to this graffiti stencil of a pug that reads "Love." So it goes. I am back on the road jamming out to Phish. Not just any Phish, but the Baker's Dozen Lawn Boy. Mind you, this is a 30 minute bliss-licking soar of transcending joy peaks. Yes. So I basically spend 30 minutes outside my body instead of behind the wheel of a vehicle I do not own. The song ends, life goes onwards and I'm excited to eat this yummy yummy vegan peanut butter banana muffin tonight and the truck stops accelerating AND I'M OUT OF GAS (cont in comments...)
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No better way to start off your Friday than this spread from our friends at @dunkindonuts for #nationaldonutday #glazed #location3 #agencylife #isthisstilllawnboy
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