9 months today of this precious poppet. I don’t have one of those “ 9 months in, 9 months out” photos. At 38 weeks she landed here with a bang! She makes us laugh everyday and I simply can’t remember life without her now. 💕 keep your diva ways little one, you’ll need it in this big bad world ✨ #mamagination #babygirl #babysunglasses #realmotherhood #girlsrule #stronggirlsclub #littleturkishprincess #mymotherhood #myhonestmotherhood #mamastyle #mumsabroad #istanbulmoms #momtruths #othermothers #mumbloguk
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Baby sleep is my pain these months. My boy is soon 3 yo and I was hoping to have some clarity which his and my sleep hours. However it is not happening so far. He is not willing to nap during the day but could fell asleep closer to 4 pm or even later. F course he wakes up at 7pm or 8pm and is fully awake till midnight. He cold sometimes get to bed at 7 pm and then he wakes up at 2.30 am with “mam I am hungry “ . The best scenario is if he sleeps to 5.00 or 6.00 am 🙏🏻🙃😴. Please help with any advice. In the photo is one of my little 15 day models. She is now a big girl:) @bakush.91 how old is she now? #istanbulmoms #istanbulmomsgathering #momistanbul #urbanmomistanbul
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