Have millions of phi phi pics🙄🏝 #sorrynotsorry
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AIRCRAFT-STYLE - Sharp edges, precise lines and clean surfaces: these are ingredients of a style reduced to the essential. Each element is created exactly according to its function. Ornaments and decorations are totally foreign to a Ribbon. The designers have coherently developed this philosophy, inspired by another sphere where speed and dynamism reign absolute: modern aeronautics, responsible for the fastest and most agile airplanes in the world. This has created an extremely precise, technically striking style with a new vitality: interrupted lines and contorted surfaces create a fascinating play of light, giving the yacht incredible movement #wecreatetheunexpected
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Saw this beauty recently 💗💗🥰🥰 #islandpearlexcursions #islandhopper #annamariaisland #seacow #mermaid
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What my Monday looks like... sandy hair, ocean breeze blowing, beautiful blue waters-leave me right here. 😎
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