Aloha paddlers! È arrivato il momento di svelare una delle novità per questo 2018: siamo fieri di presentarvi la nostra divisione RACE nel circuito 2018 di @italiansupleague ! Un grazie ai paddlers @flaviovendramin e @nicola_bach per aver dato battaglia nelle acque di Cecina a l'#etruscasuprace con i colori della nostra Scuola Sup e per aver portato a casa i primi punti di squadra! Well done mate! Siamo fieri di voi! #SottomarinaSup #ChioggiaSup #ThisIsHowWeSup #ISL #italiansupleague #sssRACEdivision #WhyWeSup #beachlife #scuolaSupsottomarina
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Mau selfi gajadi 😇😎#isl #persijajakarta #suporterkarbitan
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five years ago when i graduated from the school i spent three years at, i was a brunette who wanted to be a nurse, get out of massachusetts, didn’t own any guitars, had never crowdsurfed, didn’t understand that dealing with depression and anxiety was a thing i didn’t have to go through alone, and didn’t believe that life would get so much better for me after high school. i went back to my high school for the first time this weekend, for my fifth reunion, which was the first time i’d been back since the day i got my diploma. i spent six years going to school in this town and my life has changed so much in the five years since i was last here and i couldn’t be more thankful of that and of how far i have come. life gets better, so much better after high school, and i wish i had known that then. thank you to everyone at this place that had such a part in helping me to become the person i am today. thank you to my mom for driving me to this town for school every day for six years. to my 15-year-old self, thank you for giving this place a chance. and to my 18-year-old self, as she received her diploma, i hope you’re proud of me and how hard i have worked to go from being who you are to who i am now. these past five years have been the most difficult season of my life to date, but i want my high school self to know that she is going to make it. it will be okay, 18-year-old katie, i promise.
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Popular Football players of ISL and I -League who showed their support for the Free Professional Soccer Camp organised by Goodness Foundation & All India Sports Players Welfare Association. Jeri, Nandha, Pandi, Edwin @goodnessfoundation #Soccer #football #footballer #indiansoccerleague #isl
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