I am the #isagenix boy. I don’t hide it or try get people guessing what I do In order to trick them into reaching out and asking just so I can hit them with sales. I’m straight up telling you, I tried everything, found what worked for me and I’ll be using and telling people what works for the rest of my life. I don’t want your money I want you to be happy. If what I show you doesn’t work then take your money back and find what does ! If what I show you changes your life forever then just smile more, help others and I’ll be happy 💙
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Its been a long day. #work and #aamva and a really great #workout so now I’m ordering #roomservice and getting my day job caught up! #unapologeticallyme
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Thinking about my Gala dress for this celebration. ▫️ Give me some ideas 🖤
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Holy moly I am so inspired by this woman Sally Lee Hall has freaking SMASHED this isagenix “thing” ....in her words...... * * * That's it!!! 3 Isabody Challenges completed back to back to back 💪 so all done in 11 months. I am proud to share these results? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY 🥳🥳🥳 I have achieved so so soooo much in this journey, the main achievement being a total weight loss of 26.9kg across the 3 challenges 😮 I started my journey because I reached an unbearable state of embarrassment, uncomfort and I was so self conscious with the way I looked! The loving people in my life didn't see it the way I did at the time, but I knew how much different I was meant to be. Now that they have seen both the physical and mental changes in me they are so amazed by what I have done to find the real me that I lost for some time. My weight and the way I was feeling started to affect my relationships in my life, mainly with my loving fiancè. That's when I realised it was selfish of me to continue to live the way I was. When he helped me see some harsh truths and said he didn't understand how I could do everything I wanted to in achieve in life through hard work, except lose the weight. I now had something to prove because he said I couldn't do it. Boy did I prove to him and myself that I sure can do everything I want in life as long as I want it enough! I have truly found the real me that I lost to overworking myself over the years and neglecting her. I am the happiest and self confident and loving I have ever been. I am a proud ambassador for Isagenix and huge advocate for the Isabody Challenge. I love sharing the power of this company with everyone and showing them just what it possible when your want is strong enough ❤❤❤ If you feel just a little inspired why not message me to know more or come to an amazing event with me THIS SATURDAY for FREE and see what this amazing company can offer you! #areyouready #letsdothis #sofreakingproud #shrinking_sally #isagenix #isabody #starttodaynottomorrow
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Anyone who’s been struggling to lose weight and don’t know where to begin or how to continue; this is your program! I’ve lost 6lbs in 8 day. So much energy throughout the day and zero anxiety. I sleep better. Feel better. I’m not even a consultant I’m just trying to share the love. #isagenix
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Estilo de vida Isagenix ! . No es dieta, te ayudamos a bajar hasta 10 kg en un mes Excelente línea completa de nutrición de origen 100% natural . Garantía de Satisfacción 30 días o la devolución de tu dinero ! . Asesoría en el uso del sistema incluída con cualquier plan. . Estamos a tus órdenes . Comunícate al whatsapp de nuestro perfil . ******************************************** . Take notice of the people who surround you... do they inspire you and fill you with energy or do they drain you? It may be subtle... take note of how you feel. And make sure the people you spend the most time with make you better!!!
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