◾️Today finding inspiration in the smallest of things .... ◾️ Tuberose Begonia #irvingpenn 2007
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📸 Irving Penn by Cecil Beaton, 1950 _ #irvingpenn #cecilbeaton #portrait
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A spread from Taschen's Bailey Sumo: Another revealing interview with Bailey: I always feel I should try something new. Continuous change. That’s what the Buddhists say. I’d be rather a good Buddhist. You’d like to wear the saffron robes? I don’t want to dress like them. I want to think like them. I’m not religious. Not even spiritual. But I’m open to learning. If you want to be really camp you’d have to join the Catholic church. I love all that – pure theatre. The best art, the best smells. It’s operatic. We’re all part of something. Like William Blake said – the whole universe in a grain of sand. He’s one of the thinkers. But I like that Hindu thing, too – we’re all the dream of Krishna. That’s good, nice. I’ll listen to anybody. How is it you’re always called Bailey? Do you insist on it? No way. That was Jean Shrimpton. It stuck. In the East End I was Dave. Or Da’ – as in “day”. I suppose it’s a bit public school to be called by your surname. At Condé Nast they just credited us as Avedon, Horst, Bailey. You’ve said about some women, “the camera loves her”. What do you mean? I’ve said it often, but there are very few. They’re not necessarily the most beautiful women ever. Jean Shrimpton, Kate Moss, Dietrich, Garbo – they all had that quality. It’s a mystery. The idea of beauty has expanded. The Romans had a very particular idea. I think a lot about the seeds of beauty. As a kid there was a shop that sold packets of seeds. I was obsessed with the idea of these little black things growing into different kinds of beauty. Magic. #fashioneditorial, #fashiongram, #fashionphotographer, #photographylovers, #fashionhistory, #womenphotographers, #photographyschool, #lartigue, #paris, #stolenmoments, #modernwomen, #trailblazers, #glamour, #mysteriousbeauty, #kikidemontparnasse, #muse, #barbette, #reinvention, #beauty, #brave, #erwinblumenfeld, #irvingpenn, #avedon, #photographyhistory, #babssimpson, #gracecoddington, #babepaley, #pollymellen, #johnrawlings
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