📍DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH OVEREATING?📍 ——— - I know that one bad meal, day, or even week of overeating isn't the end of the world. You can ALWAYS get back on track and start making progress in the right direction. ⠀ But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't implement strategies to help you avoid accidentally overeating. With a few reliable tactics in place, you can take control over and eliminate unplanned overeating (almost) entirely! ⠀ 1️⃣ Strategy 1 - keep overly tempting foods out of the house. ⠀ It's okay to have "fun" foods in moderation, but if there's food you struggle to control yourself around, then you're probably better off keeping it out of your everyday environment. ⠀ That way, you won't have to constantly use willpower to resist your urges to scarf-down/slurp/shovel-in-your-face whatever food is tempting you. ⠀ 2️⃣ Strategy 2 - Wait 15-20 minutes before eating. ⠀ By doing this, you'll figure out if what you're feeling is physical hunger or just short-term cravings. Make a deal with yourself that, if you still want it after 15-20 minutes of waiting, you can have it. What you'll probably find is that your cravings disappear after 5-10 minutes of waiting. ⠀ 3️⃣ Strategy 3 - Plan your meals ahead of time. ⠀ Two benefits to this... ⠀ One is that you know exactly what you're eating, which will decrease the number of food-related decisions you’re making way day. ⠀ The second is that you can incorporate fun foods you enjoy into your plan. Knowing that you have a small treat planned for later in the day makes it MUCH easier to avoid temptations in the moment. ⠀ 4️⃣ Strategy 4 - You can ALWAYS get back on track. ⠀ I said it at the start, but it's worth repeating. It doesn't matter if you've had a bad meal, day, week, or month of overeating... ⠀ You can always get right back on track. Always. What’s cool is, once you realize this, you'll find your binges are less frequent and don't extend into the next day. - Repost from @cartergood - . . . . #ironaddict #fitspo #fitlife #bicepsday #bigarms #tricep #arms #musclesaresexy #barbell #fitfamuk #tricepworkout #workoutsession #armdayeveryday #triceppushdowns
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Who likes and loves fresh 🍍 pineapple? I do. - Michael James Tamondong @ShreddedBeyondABSolute​ www.shreddedbeyondabsolute.com 👉🏽My official social media profile outlet pages please feel free to 'LIKE' ✔ 'FOLLOW' ✔ 'SHARE' ✔ 'TAG' ✔ 'COMMENT' ✔, Thank you and keep on pushing it... - Michael James Tamondong
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One of my favorite arm workouts #armday #gymflow #ironaddict #swolelife #strong #alpha #biceps
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Leg day. Beast mode. 💪
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My fav preworkout and BCAA drinks 🙌🏼
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