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🙌 😍😘👍👏♥He gives beauty for ashes...as I gaze at my daughter's beautiful sleeping face this night I am literally in tears as I anxiously wait for the clock to chime 12 so I can pray and bless her specially as she turns one. I debated within me whether to put this on social media, because it's very sensitive to me, but I know God will not forgive me if I don't testify so that someone somewhere will be blessed! . . Docs told me from my very first pregnancy 2013 with my first son that I would not carry fullterm and even if I did, Harel would be my only child. News flash doctors⚡, I am a child of God👼! 2015 I fell pregnant, but had a painful miscarriage as I was reaching the 5th month. I kept the faith. I wanted my baby girl so badly...so when I became pregnant again in 2017, I jubilated. On the day I went for my 2nd sonar, all I wanted to hear was, 'it's a girl! The tightfaced prof n docs(genetics & psychologist) scanned me for a long time. They then proceeded to tell me in a very sad voice that my pregnancy needed to be terminated with immediate effect. That I would not carry full term and even if I did, my child would be a vegetable. . . The child would have no brain function, and would be crippled for life. My mind went blank, tears rolled down my face. They all spoke, but all I heard were mumbles. As I was leaving, the question I asked the Professor was, Is it a boy or a girl? He was upset, and admonished me that it was irrelevant, and that all he needed was for me to come back within the week for a termination. I insisted on knowing the sex, and when he told me it was a girl, I left. . . For the remaining months of pregnancy I soaked myself in the Word of God. I took communion every night and I would declare words of prophecy over my girl every single day🙏 YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE FOR A MIRACLE. You Shall Testify Very Soon too in Jesus name. Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏 #Amen #wivesandmothers #lagosmums #familygoals #kids #moms #bbnaija3 #blackmomskillingit #chopdaily #asoebibella #nollywood 😍 #prayer #blessing #blessed #motherhood #blackmomsblog #worldstar #yoruba #irokotv #instablog9ja #everydaynigerians #naijalifemagazine
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