. (2)Then you shall recede into the darkness with fear in your heart. Withering away in a pit that had been unknown in times of past. Nothing but shame and regret that will rot you from the inside. Until body and soul become one of tar and coal.
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My boys! We hung this bar back up and it has been the highlight of their day! Oh they have my heart! 😍 #iphoneportraitmode was trying its best to blur the background but idk, I guess it gets it close enough 😂🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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Tell me your life goals📝 . My daily goals are: •workout •don’t eat too many sweets •say/do positive things to myself and other people . My future goal is to travel the world! 🗺 . I used to struggle with hitting my goals until I started writing them down in my phone and making a plan. I’m horrible with planning and if anyone knows me, they know I never do it. Planning sets me up for success! 🙏🏽 . What are you goals and are you writing them down? Does that help? If not, what does? . . . #dailygoals #lifeplanning #itookthisphotomyself #entrepreneurmindset #traveltheworldoneday #imahorribleplanner #itrytho #someonetakemetraveling #tellmeyourgoals #iphoneportraitmode
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