So many of you are probably wondering what’s been going on with our crazy health escapade. ⛰ I am humbled to be able to share our journey with you. I am in the process of writing an epic three chapter series on my medical biography over the last two years. It’s been a long adventure - and I felt one post wouldn’t do the whole story justice. Plus, it’s more suspenseful breaking it up in parts ;) 🌲 Today, I’m sharing Part I of our journey, beginning with my Celiac diagnosis. Via the link in my profile, you may read about what my symptoms were, how I got diagnosed, how it’s impacted our lives, and where we are at now. In Part II, I will share my Endometriosis story. And in Part III, I will share my most recent diagnosis along with a game plan for surgery. 🌊 Please head over to my profile, click the link to my blog post, and read our story! 👌🏻 Once you’ve read the post (if you choose to do so), please come back here and share your thoughts. OR comment directly on the post via my website.
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Migraines isn't just a headache, there's so much more. Some of the things I deal with include light sensitivity, nausea, sound sensitivity, throbbing headache, smell sensitivity, confusion, vertigo, nasal congestion/pressure, neck pain, muscle weakness, motion sickness, tinnitus. #chaineddolls #mig#mig#migraine> #migrainequotes #migrainewarrior #migrainesufferer #migraineawareness #migraines #migraine #hem#hemiplegicmigraineeness #hemiplegicmigraine #hemiplegicmigraines #chr#chronicpainwarrior #chronicmigraine #chronicpain #chronicmigraines #chronicmigrainessufferer #chronicmigraineawareness #vestibularmigraines #vestibularmigraineawareness #invisibleillness #invisibleillnessawareness #spo#spoonies #spoonie #spooniestrong
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Even though I was told it would/could happen - It still shocks and upsets me that I’ve lost friends through this illness. But the truth is, that I still blame myself, that I obviously did or said something wrong that would make that person decide that I was no longer worth their time. Unfortunately I was low on self worth even before I became ill, 4 years in and it’s pretty non-existent now. It’s funny because if one of my stunning M.E friends was telling me this story, I would immediately tell them that it wasn’t anything they did, that they are a brilliant person and are fighting a hard enough battle as it is without worrying about what other people are saying or thinking about them. I just can’t seem to take that advice for myself.
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while we were training in target, phil alerted me, so i went to sit down. he sat patiently, ignoring people as they walked by, staring and reaching out to pet him. one lady came up to me and asked what was “wrong with me” and i simply responded “a lot”. she then proceeded to pet him, and i told her that he was working and she was distracting him. she apologized but continued to pet him. he kept alerting me as my heart rate increased, and she took it as him being aggressive. i told her he was alerting me, and that we needed space, and she SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME. phil was so inpatient and restless at this point, since this lady threw off his training. we left and i almost had a POTS episode when i got to the car. DON’T DISTRACT SERVICE DOGS. IT SAYS IT ON HIS VEST IN BRIGHT RED.
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