'One day...' I've got this cap from Kona! #imkona #hawaï 😍🎁 One day i'll bring it home! 🙃🙈 #intentions #myroad #trilife #triathlete #ironman #bettydesign #badass #👊 🙋🏻
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Daily Intention... STRIVE - Let us take a moment to check in with the essence of who we are. - Let us tune into the spirit that resides within our earthly body--that which does not fear rejection or allow insecurities to prevent us from doing what we came here to do. - Each of us can achieve great things in this lifetime. We can STRIVE to make the world around us a better place by loving one another and being an example of compassion. - Our journey can support all the inhabitants of the earth; from humankind, to the creatures, to those living beings that do not have a voice. - Through our highest actions and choices, we can make a difference for the planet that each of us calls home. Let us STRIVE to be better than yesterday and choose that which is for the highest good. - Each of us co-exists with one another. Let us not be short-sighted and deplete our world to ruin, but instead, let us STRIVE to give back and replenish the earth for the lifetimes of tomorrow. - Be thy Light... - Image captured by Morguefile Photo. 💫 🌟 💫 -  365 Intentions to Inspire App located in your App Store for Android and Apple.
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The energy of these selenite tower lamps is next level ✨🖤 Magic in a lamp!
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Magical chunky agate insence holders available in both shops ✨
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Rose Quartz and Sardonyx Intention Bracelet ❤️Love and Confidence ❤️ Adjustable ❤️ Rose Quartz is my favorite healing stone. It is said to gently bring love and healing. It is also said to be the gemstone of universal love, including love for family, romantic love, and self love. Sardonyx is a wonderful stone to strengthen partnerships in marriage and business. It is also said to strengthen our willpower as well as support our confidence and focus. ❤️ #theknottedmoss #etsysellersofinstagram #hea#healingstones #etsyjewelry #intentions #intentionalliving #intentionbracelets #rosequartz #sardonyx #love #healing #sobriety #marriage #partnership #bracelets #shopsmall #smallbusiness #ashevillelocal #ashevilleshoplocal
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Rainy morning but my intentions are set. I’m going to make this day amazing! #seizingtheday #carpediem #present #woke #intentions
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