apa yang kita dapat, adalah apa yang kita tanam. Percayalah tak ada usaha yang sia-sia. BELIEVE IT!!! #dyazputra_ #instasunda
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Original smoothie bowl and Walini lychee tea that I wasn't planning to have but I'm glad I had them! Speaking of Walini tea, it is a local brand that I love so much but rather hard to find. So it was a sunny morning when I had to run errands at some places within walking distance from where I was based. The walk was pleasant as it was still holiday for most people, so no rush hour traffic. I walked and walked and walked into this new place called @lo.@lo.ka.si across SMA 1/SMAK Dago. The place was still quiet and I ordered this set for breakfast. While I was sitting alone waiting for the breakfast to be sent to my table, I suddenly realized that I was so close to the former location of a factory outlet shop called Uptown that I used to like because of their smartly-chosen collections. And the outlet also shared the same roof with my favorite noodle restaurant, where signature 'yamin manis' and strawberry juice were served. About @lo.ka.si itself, if I'm not mistaken, there used to be some kind of a 'Walini tea house' where I dined with my family when my firstborn was ill on an Idul Fitri break. It is not a very sweet memory but I'm glad things are much better now. Now this is the kind of morning I love, and as I walked back to my base, I feel that I will have to do this again in the near future. Happy Thursday everyone! #lokasicoffeeandspace #explorebdg #infobdg #bdgsociety #instasunda #MuthiInBandung #walini #breakfast #smoothiebowl #healthyfood #feelgood
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Hargailah dirimu, Jika sudah tak diharapkan, Untuk apa masih bertahan.. Msh bnyk tempat untukmu kawan...😉 . . 📷 @sulexstr
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