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HOW TO MAKE PEOPLE START PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU⚡️Español👇🏻 . Do you feel that no one is listening to you here on IG? . I know that feeling too well! . It wasn’t that long ago that I was feeling it too. . Posting to only get few likes and zero comments... . What changed? . Many things: - The way I see & feel about IG (IG Mindset) - The quality of my content - My confidence - My discipline towards being consistent - The strategies I use - The energy that I am when I show up... . And I could keep on going. . So the very first shift that I want you to really understand is the IG Mindset. . The way you feel & see IG must change in order to make people start listening to you. . Instagram is not just a place to promote yourself. . And this is how so many of you are thinking about it! . Is really about building relationships that could very easily end up in sales. . Do you understand the difference? . Is not about posting and running away hoping that people will listen! . You must engage with them first in order for them to listen. . Is that easy! . However, you will tell me that you have NO TIME! . And this is where you have to fall in love with IG so that you will want to do it. . And of course, this is one of the many things I teach inside my program. . I make my students become obsessed with IG so that you stop caring because you are simply enjoying it... . And when you stop focusing on what you don’t want... . And instead start focusing in what you DO want... . Guess what happens? . You start receiving it! . And this is why my approach works! . Fall in love with the process and do it because you love it... . When this happens, people will start listening ⚡️ . . #bossladylife #changemakers #womenwithgoals #bosswomen #instagramtip #innerceo #instagrammarketing #instagrammarketingtips
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Making sure you're online presence is as strong as possible is essential in today's marketplace. We're not talking just Instagram and Facebook. We offer several services to make sure you're seen everywhere. Picture this. When you're looking for something where do you look first? 9 times out of 10 the answer is Google. Google is responsible for over 40,000 searches EVERY SECOND which equals over 3.5 billion searches every day. That's a lot of daily opportunities for you to make a sale or get a new lead, and if youre not taking advantage of it, chances are your competition is. And that's just Google, we haven't gotten into YouTube, Bing or Amazon or any other engines we target. So, there's millions of different companies out there on the internet to choose from right? The problem with that is you never usually have to look beyond page 1 to find what you're looking for. That means a lot of people's businesses will never even be seen. That's where we come in. Using our cutting edge keyword software we find the most popular keywords users enter into Google. Armed with this data, we then put your business on page 1 in position 1 for those words, and keep you there with our proprietary Search Engine Optimization software and white hat best practices. Imagine using this valuable data to also implement Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns in conjunction with your SEO campaigns? This puts you everywhere simultaneously. We call it the Triple Threat Campaign. What could page 1 for a keyword that thousands of people are searching for everyday do for your business? What about an army of keywords like that? Contact us to see how our services can change the game for you, and take your business to the next level today. -Kingsley, President Georgia Web Design The Last Marketing Company You'll Ever Need #searchengineoptimization #ecommerce #webdesign #graphicdesign #instagrammarketing #ux #seo #sem #ppc #smm #roi #roas #analytics #facebookmanagement #amazon #makemoneyonline #shopify #growmybusiness #influencermarketing #google #brandbuilding #reputationmanagement #laptoplifestyle #socialmediamanagement #getmoretraffic #internetmarketing
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Happy Sunday! I am taking some much needed time to nap and spend time with my buddy. Y’know I love my little buddy. ♥️ Tag your buddy in the comments below. PS swipe to see what happened right before! 😂
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