More snow expected this weekend. I think I’m ready for more SPRING. 🌼
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Airstream, Inspired by Adventure. Our motto since we moved into our Classic. A life full of adventure with our Airstream not far behind #Airstream #Airstreamlife #liveriveted #inspiredbyadventure
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As many of you know, our church has partnered with a church in Scotland for the past 13/14 years to host a summer camp and I have attended the camp as a mentor/teacher of leather work the last two summers. I also spent 5 months in Scotland last year in the area where the camp takes place. We are super excited to announce that Kailee and I will both be going to the summer camp this year, July 4-16! Kailee has never been out of the country and we are both excited that her first time will be on a missions trip to a place where relationships have been built and will continue to grow. As always, we will be headed across the pond with a relatively small team and would very much appreciate prayers for our team, the Scottish team, and the children attending the camp. This camp is year after year, so it is special to see the way God continues to move in and grow everyone involved as time goes on. ——— Because the trip is expensive and we don’t want to simply ask for money from the Alpine family, we created a listing for you to buy a set of four (4) coasters and a keychain for $30. We will slap this stamp on some other products soon, but if you like these coasters and keychains, there is a listing specific to them on our site. We appreciate you all in advance for supporting us always! Much love. Nate & Kailee
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It’s amazing how a photo takes you back to a single moment in time. How cold you were. What the air smelled like. How you felt inside ➡️
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I hope you all have an awesome weekend and remember to get outside this weekend and find something new 👊💥
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Именно об этом браслете шла речь в предыдущем посте 👌🏻 ⠀ 🔷 Прототипом при создании коллекции выступили кнехты - металлические тумбы с шляпкой, которые служат для крепления тросов морских судов. ⠀ 🔷 Кнехты бывают разных форм, мы взяли за основу круг, потому что именно круг символизирует бесконечность, совершенство и непрерывность развития , то, что даже на протяжении веков не теряет своей ценности. ⠀ 🔷 Каждый цвет браслета добавляет особого символизма, наполняя ваш аксессуар дополнительной энергетикой. Сейчас для заказа доступны три цвета, ⚫️🔴🔵. А какой выберете вы? ⠀ #totemadventurejewelry #inspiredbyadventure #manjewelry #bracelets
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