"Então, o que você faz? (...) Nunca gostei de responder a essa pergunta de coquetel porque ela reflete uma epidemia da qual eu fiz parte por muito tempo: a descrição do seu emprego ser a descrição de você mesmo." (Mark Manson) Interessante, não? Acreditar que sua função resume o que você é apenas demonstra o que não enxergamos a olhos pouco treinados: as nossas crenças limitadoras. Como o nome diz, são convicções (não necessariamente realistas e justas) que cerceiam e delimitam a si mesmo! Não seria autosabotagem? Pense sobre isso e compartilhe comigo seu ponto de vista! #insight #motivação #motivation #inspiração #mindset
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This week, let’s look at insight. I practice what is known as “insight therapy” which means I spend much of my session exploring a client’s interior world. We look at our motivations to do certain things and where they come from. 💭 We often talk about people’s family of origin, or the family that the client grew up around, for clues about why people are the way we are. This is not to “blame” the family; there is no such thing as a “perfect” family. However, we internalize the relationships we make with people early in life, and this happens to be our family. 💭 For example, someone may have learned that the only acceptable emotion to express in their family was happiness/laughter. This may led them to suppress and hide their feelings later in life. This causes problems because it does not allow the person to feel their feelings and heal from pain. 💭 I love seeing the light of clarity in a client’s eyes when they realize something new about themselves. It is truly an honor. 💭
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#rhemapasal21 Ay.2 Bagi Tuhan, sikap dan motivasi hati kita lebih penting daripada tindakan kita. Karena tindakan baik bisa sama2 dilakukan tapi dengan motivasi berbeda2 dan hanya Tuhan yang tahu, dan itulah yang diperhitungkan Tuhan. Ay.5 Tekun pangkal sukses! Ay.6 There are right ways and wrong ways to gain wealth. Choose the right ways! Ay.9 dan 19 Reminder for me! Yang bukan masalah jangan dibuat jadi masalah, masalah kecil jangan dibesarkan.. Masalah besar coba dikecilkan..😊 Hidup dalam ucapan syukur.. Syukuri apa yang kamu miliki dan yang tidak kamu miliki. Ay. 11-12 Orang pintar belajar dari pengalamannya, orang bijak belajar dari pengalaman orang lain. Ay. 20 Hiduplah dibawah penghasilanmu.. Jangan dihabiskan semua tanpa menabung dan memberi. Ay. 25-26 Orang benar tidak malas. Orang benar suka memberi.. Ay. 3 dan 27 Persembahan dan (doa) diterima bukan karena kuantitasnya tapi karena orangnya.. Ay. 31 Manusia boleh lakukan apapun tapi Tuhan memberikan kemenangan kepada orang yang dikenanNya. #insight #devotion
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Amazing insight into Sky News today at their network event. Great to tour the incredible site and meet the professionals and other aspiring journos. . . . . . . #sky #skynews #lifeatsky #journalism #osterley #skyocean #skyoceanrescue #networking #presenting #newsroom #whale #plastic #insight #journo #instagood #photooftheday
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The Formula for Success • Its not about "luck". It's about being relentless and fluid like water. It's about discovering the mathematical formula that works for the desired answer. This is done through relentless trial and error and self-inquiry. It's about making mistakes over and over, and learning over and over each time, until the correct formula is discovered. As the zen saying goes: Fall down 7 times. Get up 8. Once the mathematical formula to the desired answer is discovered then it's about action and accountability. Applying it every single day. Discipline, patience, perseverance, commitment fueled by massive doses of excitement, inspiration, passion and love. Others will not realize all the incredible work, all the energy and all the time. you put in each day. To them it looks like grace and magic, it looks like you are a natural, and, if you are doing it right, that's exactly how it's supposed to look. Brian Piergrossi Contact me for more info on a complimentary breakthrough coaching session #lifecoach #author #mindfulness #success #retreats #the#thebigglow #brianpiergrossi #inspiration #motivation #yoga #tantra #meditation #breathwork #highacheivers #powerofnow #workhardplayhard #transformation #thebigglow #love #onpurpose #insight #passion #innerpeace #empowerment #mentor #awakening #complimentary #free
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I hope everyone has set their intentions and is now focus on your goals. If you happen to change your mind it ok to evolve from previous ideas. Stay flexible has you move along your journey and do what feels right for you. Stay in the moment and be aware of signs from above. Now is a good time to see the big picture and enjoy the journey. Sidenote: Yeah late night surfing and I had to pick KKW pic. Haha!!! Enlighten Soul Coach Sheila M. Boyd www.sheilamboyd.com #instadaily #instagood #instalike #consciousness #empowerment #manifestation #spiritualist #spiritualmentoring #oracleofday #motivationalquotes #spiritualpower #mediumship #kimkardashian #spiritualawakening #insight #enlightenment #positivity
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