i have to put on a mask to face everyone, just to be sure they don't see how ugly i am inside #madness#insanity#depression#schizophrenia#anxiety#suicidal#sad#emo
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When your kid wants to workout with you @shaunt #insanity #squats #babybod #fitness #moreinshapethanme #datform
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Oh my efffff . JUST ANNOUNCED! NEW SHAUN T PROGRAMME COMING! . Step up to the challenge and radically transform your body and mind with Shaun T’s Transform :20 - a 6 week, 20 minutes-a day fat burning workout to truly start the year off with a transformation – both physical and emotional . Plus, for the first time ever, @shaunt is using a step to scorch fat and transform everything – abs, legs, upper body, glutes - without lifting a single weight. You’re doing the programme in real-time with Shaun T and the cast. It’s like taking a new class with Shaun in your own private studio every day for 6 weeks . You won’t want to miss a single day! And in every 20-minute workout, Shaun tests your progress with short challenges so you can track and share your non-scale victories to inspire and engage your Team and customers every single day. Transform :20 offers go on sale December 2018, and get VIP Early Access to the full programme starting January 2019. Programme officially launches into the Beachbody on Demand Member Library Spring 2019 . . . . #shaunt #insanity #t25 #im30 #insanitymax30 #transformation20 #beachbodyuk #summit2018news #fit#fitnesssformation #20minutes #fitness #getfit #hesback #trustandbelieve #weightloss
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The whole place erupted at the news of Shaun T's new workout programme launching soon! No one was louder than @oliviabfit though 🤣 Excited for this! Just 20 minutes a day, something that EVERYONE can fit into their day!
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Live for you not for them, experience life and make it prosper, create your existence in radiance not vein.
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