“I’m proud of who I am, no more monsters I can breathe again” @iiswhoiis . . . 📷: @iflightcouldspeak . . . #cityphoto #ctmodel #selfexpression #innerstrength #smilingiscontagious #outdoormodel #womenempowerment #liveyourlife
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Awaken your Inner Strength and Empower your Self Expression in Costa Rica with Life of Wellness. Treat yourself to seven joy-filled days of play, love, self expression, and adventure in paradise. Click on the link in profile for more info.
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Do you wake up every morning and set out to do what YOU LOVE to do? Do surround yourself by the people who support and love you, right now, for who you are and exactly where you are in your journey? It took me a long time to be able to say, “Heck yes!” to those questions and say it with confidence. • • I challenge you to look at your life, your job, your family and friends. Are these the people and things you want to be surrounded by every day? Do they lift you up or break you down? Start by writing down three things; one thing you want to start doing, one thing you want to stop doing and one thing you promise yourself you will do today. • • Tag a friend who will keep you accountable with your list, check in with each other over the next week and say YES to yourselves. The minute you stop making time for excuses, life suddenly opens doors of possibility. ❤️ Love, Mt
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