How to find your inner middle in stressful situations: Sometimes we let stressful circumstances subsume is totally. Our heart beats faster, we become nervous. Being in this tense mood we can’t work concentrated anymore and run into danger to treat our beloved ones in a rude way how we actually never wanted to treat them. Which makes us feel even worse. . There is one way to stop this vicious circle and find back to your inner middle. Prepare yourself for those situations when you’re feeling well and take some time for yourself. Close your eyes and create an inner picture/film that makes you happy. That could be a memory of a situation in a vacation, a special situation in the past or just an imagined happy place. When you’re ready, think up a key word for this picture. Now you have an safe space in yourself and are well prepared for stressful situations. If you feel nervous and tense the next time, just close your eyes, breathe deeply and recall your key word. Concentrate on the picture/film for a few minutes, this will help you create positive feelings and bring you back to your inner middle. You’ll calm down automatically 🕉 My safe space is a wonderful cove surrounded by palm trees and cliffs, it’s warm and I have a coconut lying in a hammock. I feel the warm breeze on my skin, smell the ocean and listen to the waves come and go🥥 🏝 🏞 😌 . . . #meditation #magnolia #magnolie #buddhism #buddhismus #calmdown #safespace #innermiddle #lifeadvice #lifehack #innerpeace #breathingmeditation #beautifulnature #naturelover #flowerphotography #springblossoms #blossoms #frühlingsboten
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