Sweet sweet setting sun 🔆💛 #inismor #islandlife #sunset
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Cycling selfie.
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After a magical few days in Inis Mor, enjoying the nature, history, food, ag caint is ag caint le na muintir ansin, we stood at the back of the boat to catch the rays of sunshine, while watching the island grow smaller in the distance. I was taking some photographs when suddenly I heard a huge splash! A dolphin was following in the wake of the boat, playing in our waves. It was a wonderful moment to witness. Interesting fact: Dolphins are highly intelligent animals that play together to increase social connections. Indeed, within a few seconds, this dolphin was joined by a friend!! #dolphin #moment #surprise #emotional #inismor #galway #Ireland #sea #atlantic #photooftheday #olympus #blackandwhite
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Inis Mor part 2: (I know these are not) Ancient runes at Na Seacht Dteampaill, the seven churches (but I'm singing Regina Spektor anyway), and the streaky sky brings to mind "streaky bacon", maybe the 1 thing the U.S. does right (minus the factory farming, sigh 😖). Trudging up to the top of the island the see Dun Aonghasa, the nearly 3000 y/o fort, was a job and there are no guard rails to stop you blowing away forever, but the views are amazing 😊 Caught an earlier ferry home so we wouldn't be stuck with a touristy dinner #ireland #inismor #inishmore #countygalway #naseachtdteampaill #sevenchurches #dunaengus #dunaonghasa
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Wednesday on Inis Mor: A thousand and one pictures of the cerulean sea! Took the ferry and rented a few bikes (in various states of disrepair)(just like the ruins 😊) to breathe in the fresh sea air and sunshine. Somehow the rain managed to evade us all day, and we stumbled upon clochán na carraige to discover an ancient island dweller 😉 #rideabike #ireland #inismor #inishmore #clochánnacarraige
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