I wish I treated life more like our garden. I know that healthy plants come from a patient process of cultivating, planting, and nurturing. I know that harvesting the reward takes time and if you aren’t patient with the plants, then they can’t reach their full potential. We are always in a comparison trap/race against the world. We get fed these lies about “you’re a good mom if...” and “if you can’t juggle all of this then who even are you??” And probably the most prevalent: “you need to see results for this right now!” We are told to do things quick and to be the best and we are given all of these measuring tools to be able to see our results, but what are we actually getting out of the PROCESS of getting to the reward? I’ll tell you what it is for me: a whole lotta stress and comparing myself to others. So then the reward really is just moot. It doesn’t even matter in the long run. If you’re feeling these same kind of pressures right now, let me just give you a big (digital) hug and gently remind us together that we aren’t in a race. Stop thinking about the results right know when you haven’t even figured out the process. Our lives have been cultivated, the seeds have been planted, and we must nurture what has already been planned out. Process over results. Nurturing ourselves and nurturing each other to be what we were originally designed and planted to be. 🌿
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3 year old sas is no joke...today I got yelled at because I called her drawing “awesome” & I said “it’s so cool”. 😬 #threenager #sophiaandeverly
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What a view.
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Sunday’s are for Jesus and crafts. 🌿
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After church lunch at @themillcoffeecomox to soak up some daddy time! It’s been a crazy few weeks and hubby has been putting in super long days so we haven’t seen much of him! We knew when we started designing the coffee shop space and menu that we needed to make it kid friendly because we will have lots of visits there and I’m so glad we did! Now we can visit daddy and Mila has an area to play and food she loves! win win! Also a BIG shout out to @replayrecycled for setting the shop up with plates and cups to serve all the little Mill’ers their fun eats and treats! #partner#sponsored #themillcoffeecomox 📷:@berninemarie . . . . . . #mymamahood#littlepiecesofchildhood#dailyparenting#coffeeandcuddles#coffeeshopcorners#coffeeshopdates#kidsforreal#kidfriendlycafe#lifewellcaptured#lifegivingsquares#itshappyhere#celebrate_childhood#insearchofjoy#inbeautyandchaos
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I hope you love it little Bruce💙💚
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