TBT Not many know this car but I find it very interesting how much this car has led to great friendships. This car belonged to Len Higa from Hawaii. I met Len when him and his friends would come to the California once a year for the annual Battle of the Imports in Palmdale. At the time this event only happened once a year and from that first time I met the hawaii guys we've always kept in contact. He had a fast street Civic in Hawaii and his goal was to make it one of the fastest Civics in Hawaii. About a year later he sent us some shirts with his car on it that stated “10-second street car”. Keep in mind that this is when Honda racecars first started getting into the 10-second mark. My first reaction was, “Bullshit!” but months later the car arrived to California and blasted consecutive 10 second passes and even won the Pomona Finals. Needless to say I ate my words and had mad respect for the Hawaii guys! Years later Len ended up moving to California to work for APEXi and we have been good friends ever since. I was still writing for Import Tuner and Turbo mag and as luck would have it I had to go cover an IDRC race in Hawaii. After visiting Len’s brothers shop, Hyper Sports, I saw Len’s car just sitting there and ask his brother Travis how come no one is racing it and basically no one had the time to work on it after work. After a quick phone call to Len I decided to prep it and race. I realize I was out there for the magazine but it would make a good story to race it and to be honest I would rather be behind the wheel than behind the lens. I was lucky enough to use Hyper Sports to fix the car and just out of coincidence Eric Hsu was out in Hawaii on vacation but was willing to take a night to tune the car for me. The car hasn’t been updated in a while didnt make the horsepower that some of the current racecars were producing but who cares, I wanted to race! I was off to the track with a borrowed helmet, fire jacket, and even had to get a tow truck to get the car to the track. I remember leaving Hyper Sports and Travis asking me, “ How much race gas do you want me to bring?” I told him 3 five gallon cans and his reaction was, “Geez, why (continued in comments)
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