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“Opium” was first marketed in 1997, prompting the creation of “American Coalition Against Opium and Drug Use”, formed by a group of Chinese Americans. They demanded for the perfume to be renamed ( alt names suggested were Lotus of Enchantment or Jewel of the Orient ) and a public apology from Yves Saint Laurent “for his insensitivity to Chinese history and Chinese-American concerns”. And while this may have sounded tad bit dramatic to me 6 months ago, today, after reading my fair share on how opium was used by the British Empire to bring down to its knees, one of the most sophisticated countries of its time - the Imperial China - i am definitely more sympathetic to the outrage of those who founded the committee. #ysl #imperialism #china #britain #opiumwars
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What does a new American culture that values inclusion and true equity look like..? The decriminalization of race and gender as a social norm is one part of how we can begin this change. First step ... a focus to shift the systems which have evolved from #imperialism & #whitesupremacy and move #intoaction . . . . . #endmassincarceration #schoolsnotprisons #criticaljustice #humanrights #whywerise #werise #socialchangecoalition #antislavery #enddehumanization #bethechange
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