Today’s heart feels. #quotes #affirmations #shareyourheart #authentic #imperfect #selflove #thejourney #aimforpeace #loveable No expectations.. No learning through fear. Learn only through love. #goals #cherish #feelittobelieveit 📷: Monterey, Ca photo by me.
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When a perfect stranger tells you that you're perfect it really does make you realise that no matter what you don't like about yourself, others see beauty in you imperfections. I get told everyday by my @jamiewilkins76 that I'm beautiful, I know he thinks I am, but I don't know that I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I think that's what people see and what many others don't like #beauty #imperfect #youcantpleaseeveryone #haters #love #toohonestformyowngood
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I will be honest with you. I hate dolphin. There. I said it!! It’s the pose that I struggle with SO much. My shoulders ache. My wrists are wonky. My feet are miles away from my body. Don’t even think of a shoulder stand! If I raise a leg then my head goes right to the ground. But I do it anyway. I hate it. But I do it anyway. Because it’s good for me. And because growth and strength cultivate in the places that are uncomfortable and hard. So I do it. Because it’s imperfect and that’s the only expectation you should have from life. Imperfection. It’s so simple really. So come with me tomorrow at 4pm for an hour of imperfection. ✨ Because Practice makes progress!! ✨ #vinyasa #dolphin #shoulderstrength #pnw #yogaeverydamnday #imperfect #nomudnolotus
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