•It’s so hard trying to love yourself in a world that doesn’t love you back. But I deserve to feel good as hell•🦋 #bodypositivity #imnotperfectbutimreal #guess #vacation #puglia #fuckyou #love
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Life is magic 💙💙#saturdaynights #nightoutfits #nightout🍸 #behappy❤️ #blackoutfit #culryhair #girlsnightout❤️ #dontcaree ✌️#imnotperfectbutimreal 💙💙
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Y’all - as a SAHM I have the best job ever! I get to wear SWEATPANTS every. single. day. 👏🏻 .. My job as a stay at home mom is definitely that - a JOB! But one that I get to actually enjoy. I make my own rules, I get to raise our kids exactly how we want, and we get to help daddy whenever we want! 🥰 .. We have our bad days, when we just load up in the mom van and DRIVE. Then we have our good days, where we play with play doh, color, and read stories. 📚 .. And now I’m also getting to help women like me reach their health & fitness goals! 🤗 I still have a long way to reach my BIG goals myself, but you see - there are these things called stepping stones where you create small goals to CRUSH before you actually DESTROY your big goals. 💪🏻 .. We all want to reach those big goals, but we forget about setting those small goals that we can crush in the meantime. What are some of your stepping stone goals? #goalcrushers #goaldestroyer #sahmomlife #sahmgoals #beyourbestself❤️ #sweatpantsforlife #believerinchrist #imnotperfectbutimreal
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