Who's reflection is that on my glasses 😆🤔😎 #imnotalone
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When I'm feeling down I know that I'm not alone 'Cause I have a shoulder to lean on... #dearallah #thankstoallah #whenimfeelingdown #imnotalone #ashouldertoleanon #myhusbandismyhero
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Green tea! I have to sing the praises of this plant as it has always been something I incorporate into my weight loss plan. I drink it 3 times a day at least and the properties of it definitely help with weight loss. The other great thing it has helped me to do is lower my cholesterol naturally. At one point my cholesterol was very high and first thing my doctor wanted to do was put me on meds. I said oh HELL no...give me 3 months with green tea and I'll show you a difference. She was skeptical, wrote me a prescription and home I went. I never filled the prescription and drank my green tea. When I went back for my follow up blood work and my cholesterol was very close to normal range, my doc couldn't believe it was all because of the green tea. Never sleep on the power of nature! Oh! And for those who love tea or those who aren't too sure about it...I suggest a fabulous store called David's Tea! Try it, you won't be disappointed. #greentea #davidstea #loweryourcholesterol #strongissexy #weightloss #consciouseffort #healthylife #determined #yesican #positivemindset #resultsontheway #intermittentfasting #lowcarb #joinme #imnotalone #startingover @ Santo Domingo Este
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ENTRY 24... . Intriguing and touching story 😭😭😭 You need to read it very fast and possibly twice to get it. . We pray for our teenagers. We trust God to reach and restore as many as are going through challenges and struggles they may not even be able to articulate🙏 Thanks for sharing @mic@michaeloyebade Repost from @michaeloyebade on Instagram: “I am Michael OYEBADE, i am a teenager and I say to every teenager out there, You are Not Alone.…” using @RepostRegramApp - I am Michael OYEBADE, i am a teenager and I say to every teenager out there, You are Not Alone. Just because you're going through hard times doesn't say you should give up and let go.Move closer to Him and let him fight your battles for you.He knows your name and he sees your heart.You're never alone if you walk with Him.. My creative presentation of "I'm Not Alone" by @damioluwatoyinbo feat @toluijogun #ImNotAlone #YouAreNotAlone #DefeatDepression #ChooseLife #LiveStrong #SaveASoul #NotAloneChallenge
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"Otherworldly aliens with otherworldly abilities" it's rare to get a glimpse at extraordinarily exceptional humans, but my life is filled with rare moments recently (to my awareness now). I got to meet lovely like-minded individuals last night, band included. Took snippets so as to not forget the way I felt and to share the brilliant energy of @alicephoebelou She is such an inspiration to anyone, not just to artists... so many lyrics I could choose, but the one that drew me in was "New Song". "I wanna live my life like I mean it" #indie #music #healingmysoul #vulnerable #relateable #supportartists #imnotalone
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Как много раз я задумывалась над своим окружением.Сегодня я просто поняла,почему все таки я раньше была чем-то недовольна... Несколько людей мешали мне быть счастливой😅Впервые мне так легко на душе!Я знаю,может быть кто нибудь из этих людей прочитает этот пост и поймет ,что сейчас я говорю о нем/ней😏 Спасибо вам за ваш уход из моей жизни!👋Не возвращайтесь пожалуйста😁Я очень давно не была так рада. Вот именно сейчас я могу сказать,что у меня офигенные друзья . Как-то я слышала подобные слова: -Дай новому ворваться в твою жизнь,опустив прошлое.-в последствии чего я получила кучу позитива! Спасибо еще раз,всем и каждому за определенную роль в моей жизни.Я безумно это ценю ❤ . . . ◇Post Malone-better now #mylife#myday#mood#style#lifestyle#greatmood#instagood#myrules#vsco#vscocam#mythoughts#imnotalone#friends
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