This is my painting I completed two years ago of a young woman rescued from human trafficking. My heart breaks for the nearly 1500 migrant children lost by our very own government agencies, for fear that they, too, will become victims of human trafficking. #facesoffreedom #humantrafficking #dountoothers #ifyoudontloveyourneighbor #immigrants #searchingforfreedom #freedom58
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Making connections between the past and present. #ohloneland #immigrants #indigenous #menwhoevolve #oaklandstreetart #generations #suninart
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This is Aimée. She is 19 and attends university in the Seattle area. She loves spending time with her friends, specifically going on hikes in the Pacific Northwest. Aimée also loves to play soccer; she played throughout high school. She worries about other refugees not knowing what to do once they arrive in the United States and is concerned about doing something about it. Knowing that she herself comes from a country that had its own problems, Aimée is passionate about helping refugees, specially the youth, as they are students coming to America with their own hopes and dreams. She dreams of helping refugees in the hope that they will in turn impact their own communities in a positive way.
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#Repost @juliehewettmakeup_ with @get_repost ・・・ #outraged #whe#wherearethechildren #callingnow THIS IS NOT OK 💔 1500 children are missing in custody! #wherearethechildren #trumpadministration #pureevil #heartless #immigrants
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As the school year winds down, it’s time to start thinking about the summer months ahead. For many of us, summertime means kicking back, getting some beach (or pool) time, and relaxing with a good book. I decided to kick off the “it’s almost summer” weekend with a list of books about people who have come to America, sometimes under extraordinary circumstances. We need stories about immigrants, especially today. We need these stories because they are also our stories. No matter where you come from, there is probably something in each of these stories that you can relate to. Read the rest of the post on my blog [link in bio]
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