Office holiday party shenanigans 🎄 #theswiss #merrychristmasyafilthyanimal
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All the signatures of this beautiful lady inspire me to be more! The red lipstick, the fohawk, the #badass confident attitude! She is a blessing in my life beyond words and I’m so excited to be hugging her neck in just 24hrs! ********************************* Three years ago I didn’t know this woman! This fierce, strong, faithful, beautiful woman! This is us two years ago in Vegas at convention after a long day and long night of life changing moments! The friendship started because of a little conversation about Australia, some skincare, and a whole lot of belief! ******************************* It’s funny how sometimes god will put you in the exact place you were meant to be with the exact people you were meant to be with even when you don’t ask! Never doubt the goodness of god, the beauty of opportunity, and your own ability to be more! He’ll put the right people in your corner even when you least expect it! *************************** Surround yourself with the dreamers, the doers, the believers, the risk takers, the givers, the innovators, the game changers, the life changing best friends that god brings your way! You do that and life can be pretty freaking beautiful!!! #blessed #mywhy #badassbossbabe #imcomingforyou #dogood #bemore #makeanimpact #rflife #mytribe #girlwashyourface #mompreneur #boymom #hurricanemichael #hurricanrelief #givingback #inspired #empowered @kkaywatts @rodanfields
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T U R Q U O I S E S E A S #imcomingforyou #holidaycountdown
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2019 WILL BE MY YEAR!! we've all got goals to hit mine is to beat my size and condition and make it to the stage in 2019 #putthemarkerdown #imcomingforyou #focused#goals#gainz
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In the garage where it all started 🏡
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