Друзья, скоро прилетаю в Ригу, и пользуясь случаем, приглашаю вас на вечер ментальной магии. 4 апреля в "Top Club", который находится по адресу Alfreda kalniņa 4. В программе психологические опыты, живая музыка, иллюзии и много позитива. #Magic #Riga #Topclub #mentalism #illusions #partytime
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✨ NEW BLOG POST ✨ Changing things up with a different type of blog post!! In this post, I’ll be sharing my experience of the Museum of Illusions in Toronto 🔮 if you’re interested & want the information for a super fun time, click the link in my bio ☝🏼 . . . #smilingwithsarah #blogger #canadianblogger #torontoblogger #lif#lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #museumofillusions #downtowntoronto #thesix #the6 #review #adventures #fun #greattime #illusions
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karlyletomms.com - There was a time when the light bulb didn't exist, but now we accept it as common reality. Even the old one in this photo is now replaced by LED and incandescent lights. There was a time that, cars, planes, cellphones, computers etc. did not exist but are now accepted as common reality. If you had told someone in the 1700's that you would be able to hold a device in your hands the size of a deck of cards that would allow you to access information or communicate with others anywhere in the world, they would have thought you were delusional. What the human mind can conceive can be achieved. Yet, there are those among us whose perception differs from our perception of reality. We tend to lable them as insane. Yet perhaps, they are able to witness what we cannot. Ultimately, we all perceive reality differently. Everything we see is distorted by our own beliefs and judgements. Everything we encounter is subject to our own personal interpretation. Nothing appears exactly as it is. Einstein theorized that the amount of energy in any object of mass is equivalent to the speed of light squared. That means there is a crap load of energy, but it also means that energy, space and thought are the only things that exist. Burn a stick of wood and it does not disappear, it simply transitions to another form of energy. The world is energy given form by thought, and energy is constantly in transition. It is formed by both our collective thought and individual thought. We all, therefore, are co-creators of the world. How important, then, does that make our thoughts? . . #quo#quotesou #quotestoliveby #quotes #quoteslover #reality #Life #illusion #illusions #matrix #thought #Recovery #mentalhealth #oktosay #blessings #blogpost #kar#karlyletommsquotes #karlyletomms
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Drum rolls please! I have an announcement! I’ve been busy preparing for recording my new album which is gonna be called “Illusions”. @janusrasmussen is going to produce it and I can’t wait to get in the studio! Stay tuned 🖤 #newalbum #heidrik #janusrasmussen #illusions
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