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Happy Thursday! It’s almost the long weekend and I’m excited to just chill and enjoy some relaxation. - Hitting some shoulders and chest tonight. It’s growing season and focusing on #buildingmuscle and increasing calories because this girl is tired of #povertymacros 😭. - Comment below your fun plans for the weekend! 👇🏻
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Throwback Thursday. From my 20s, in an abusive marriage, thinking that since obesity runs in my family, that’s just how it almost 48. Yep. Going through my second divorce - something I never thought I’d say. But I refuse to settle for less than I deserve. I’m worth more than that.
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About last night ☺️😏 ... okay peeps, listen up! How do I get ALL my protein in AND stay on track? ... This meal right here may look a little questionable🤔 I mean who eats egg whites + PB2(with a drop of SF syrup) + strawberries??? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ This girl! I am telling you if you swap this out meal with your usual midnight snack or your 3-5pm munchie time it will help tremendously! I eat this EVERY NIGHT! It helps curb my appetite and getting more protein daily will help you feel fuller longer and in the long haul help combat overeating and/or bingeing. I challenge you to try it! — 6egg whites 🥚 2tbsp PB2 🥜 1/2cup strawberries 🍓 Who can commit to trying? AND if you’re not a sweets person swap the berries for peppers and add a laughing cow cheese 🙌🏼 ... delish too! MACROS: 28p | 12c | 2.5f
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It’s the simple things 😍 this has been my daily summer go to. It’s no Starbucks but it’s pretty daaang close! Check out our story for the recipe 😋 #coffee #protein Macros: 4f/4c/25p @pescience
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