So this happened today: high #benzene levels prompted officials to issue a warning for people to stay indoors in the Houston suburb of #DeerPark (because of a chemical plant explosion). . Benzene is a cancer promoting chemical, and it is unfortunate (to say the least) that there are leaks of these and other dangerous substances so often around Houston. . I didn't always plan on living in Houston, but I ended up here because of my postgraduate medical training (at UTMB). It's a great city for physicians, and really for everyone. . As someone who was raised in Mexico, I always marveled at how clean, organized, diverse, and prosperous this city is. Of course, after a few years living here, I "discovered" that the reason this city is so prosperous is that it's the oil and gas center of the western world. . It seems everyone and their brother works in the energy sector in one way or another, but everything comes with a price tag. And, although the city itself is pristine, green and clean looking, it's surrounded by refineries in every direction that leak chemicals and have explosions far too often. . Photo: Bloomberg . #ChemicalFire #IGOFHouston #HoustonGram #HoustonLife #HarrisCounty
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