Yokohama’s Chinatown, where the color isn’t limited to the architecture or the aromatic street food. Large stone dragons are sometimes painted, often many times over. . . . This dragon is one of a pair, and at one time both were a very shiny gold. Now you will find them painted in a way that makes them looked dressed in a uniform with well styled hair and a sparkle in their eyes. I’d love to know why, but it does lead to interesting speculation-especially when a 10 year old is your company for the day!
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The #cutest little thing! #GummyBear #bobbypin Thanks!@howdy_world #Tokyo #Japan 可愛すぎる!#グミ の#ヘアピン in Japan, they pronounce it as “goomi’. #cutestlittlething
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Kodak Portra 100// Canon Quartz D • I love the way the mountains in the back came out, everytime I look at this picture I’m instantly brought back to either walking to or from the Yankucho listening to 80’s Jpop 😪 i miss it
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Hey guys I promise I’m alive, I’ve just been recovering from Japan. Still getting used to being back in the states. Anywho it’s time to start posting again and I finally developed the rolls of film I had in Japan 🤓☝🏾
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