Hoy nuevamente de viaje!!! Rumbo a la embajada Húngara país del que tengo algo más que el apellido!! #fodor #hungara #embajada #igen #citizen #magyar #magyarorszag
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Hey Parents: Have you got an "Organizer" in your family? ✨Idea for Parents of Organizer children:✨ Organizer children feel better when scheduling planning and organizing their world. They can be counted on to get the details right and pull a plan together. Think about how your child could help you or others with their organizer talent and help them find opportunities to do so (at school, in the classroom, at home, on their sports team, at church…) ❓Question to ask:❓ Who could benefit from how you like to organize? How could you help them? ✅ Parents: If you are interested in discovering your own talent filters (there are 34 for people 14 years+), please check out www.gallupstrengthscentre.com for more information; or feel free to reach out to me and we can chat. Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer - shining a light on your child’s potential talents; the areas where your child’s greatest potential for building strengths exists. The talent themes (there are 10 of them for youth) act as filters by which your child sees, experiences and behaves in the world. By getting to know more about their filters (and your own), you will be better able to encourage and support their development and ultimate achievement. As a parent, you will also experience less stress and pressure while increasing joy, peace and fulfillment for all. WIN. WIN. #talentwins #cliftonstrengths #raisingstrengths #achiever #strengths #strengthsfinder #parenthood #ittakesavillage #theydontteachthisinschool #weareallinthistogether
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I går fejrede vi min skønne søsters fødselsdag - selvfølgelig med lækre kager 🎂 #24årfortiendegang #heydetersqdapremiære #detmåfejres #igen! #TILLYKKEsøs ❤️🇩🇰 @lise_ki
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