AHORA NUESTRO DETOX VENDRÁ CON MÁS VERDE 😁😁 Rico en enzimas digestivas y compuestos antioxidantes, este jugo diurético es una gran opción para promover la pérdida de GRASAS y LÍQUIDOS. Sus propiedades combaten la inflamación y activan el ritmo metabólico para lograr un control más efectivo del peso. Dejaras de consumir los agentes tóxicos presentes en la carne roja, la comida frita o cocida, los alimentos enlatados, las harinas y azúcares procesadas, los productos lácteos, la cafeína y el alcohol. ✔️Elimina la inflamación de células y del cuerpo en general. ✔️Ayuda a combatir la adicción a la cafeína, el azúcar y la comida chatarra. ✔️Pérdida de peso. ✔️Limpieza de la piel. ✔️Claridad mental. ✔️Sueño reparador. ✔️Disminución de dolores musculares. ✔️Previene o mejora los síntomas de algunas enfermedades como infecciones cutáneas y gripa. Jugos 100% natural
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Don’t complicate your warm up; but make sure you do one 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 For #workoutwednesday try this; 1 minute sprint. 300 metre row. 1 minute sprint. 200 meter ski. 3-5 minutes is all you need 🤙🏼
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The day after #legday ... Anyone else? 🤔 #sweat440
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*TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY MOTIVATION* Making changes in your life is a lifestyle change! Boy was I a fat guy. I was partying a lot drinking and eating anything and everything. I was always in good shape i competed in strongman and powerlifted played football.. but that year i let my myself go. I needed to make a lifestyle change and stay CONSISTENT.. so consistency is key.. trust the process keep looking at your goals and remind yourself why you're making these changes. Its been a year since my big transformation and i kept my lifestyle. But now i am making another one as i am going into competiton mode! Believe in yourself and compete withyourself. Our bodies are unique and shaped differently! Follow my next journey as i go to compete in classic physique! Ive worked out my whole life have the knowledge now need to put it into play and use my knowledge.. Lose weight keep the weight off.. Build up and cut 30 more lbs to compete in a short few months!! Never lose track of your goals and stay motivated, dedicsted and consistent. HIT ME UP IF YOU NEED HELP ON YOUR JOURNEY.. FOLLOW MY JOURNEY FOR MOTIVATION TIPS AND INSPIRATION Its a marathon not a sprint to make your changes permanent!! #gohard #trainhard #fitness #fitnessmotivation #consistency #motivated #eatclean #classicphysique #dedicated #guyswholift #mensfitness #nev#neverquit #supersets #fitnessinspiration #ig_fitness #fitnessfreaks #gym #fitnesslife #fitnessinfluencer #beastmode #fitfam #gymrat #trusttheprocess #neverquit #push #shutupandlift #lifestyle #usa #australia #fitforlife
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