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Very photogenic and very useless bridge. #teampixel #igboston #bridge
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I’ve always believed in the fairytale love you read about in books or see in movies. And I accepted the fact I would probably die and have my remains eaten by my 27 cats because I wouldn’t settle for anything less than that. But these two affirm my belief that my idea of love is very real. That I don’t have to be ok with hooking up. That it’s ok to not want to download a dating app. That I don’t have to settle. So thank you two, for being great role models for what true love is. No two people are more deserving. Miss you both already 💛
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Crunch, crunch, crunch 😍 *** 🐟🍴 (NO PAN FRY) CRISPY SKIN SALMON *** Recipe in bio link☝🏼 #FromJudysKitchen
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Selamat pagi!
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